Sunday, August 14, 2011

                    Even the smallest person 
                                            can change the course of the future
                                                 - The Lord of the Rings

A slight gust of (my) summer

                                                        I really don´t wisch for this summer to end...

Even if I love what´s coming next.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Breath away

My best friend, and also one of the most wonderful people you will ever find on this planet, has a beautiful habit of finding wondrous quotes on the internet. Sometimes she spontaneous gives me a couple, just because. and one of those has really stuck on my brain. Because even if it´s simple it fills (according to me) the meaning of life, to live fully and loving. To take care of and looking for "moments". It could be really small and simple, I mean just like be up early in the morning and go out in the morning light, birds in the sky, absolutely quiet. Or just hear your beloved fully laugh.. I don´t now, find those moments and value them, because in the end that´s what´s going to be worth something.
"Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths you take, but the numbers of things that take you´re breath away"


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The beginning...

              I´ve found myself start writing this post from scratch three times now, and I feel as giving up here...
Why is it always so hard for me to start something?... Start to play a song, Start to sing, Start to write.. I guess it´s just something in my brain I need to overcome, but it´s annoying.
Anyway, to make it easy for me, I´m just going to explain the idea of this blog and why:
This will be a place for my thoughts of all sorts, it will be a place full of pictures..
Beautiful or just sharp/"true" quotes, poems, reviews of books/movies I´ve read/seen, easy and yummy recipes etc.
I love nature and all that´s "in it"  so hopefully this blog will fill much about the topic.
It will be a place full of love!
(And misspellings, cause I don´t write in my own language...Hopefully you can survive that)